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This post is about celebrity marriages that lasted less than a year. I want to believe that no one marries with the intention of ever divorcing not to talk of less than a year. Any keen follower of Hollywood knows that this isn’t anything new but celeb blogs and websites try to get exclusives regards what led to the end of the marriages, settlement and other post divorce issues.

Hollywood marriages usually end with one of the two seeking for divorce  usually with irreconcilable difference as the excuse for the breakdown of their marriages. There’ve being a few occasions through when reasons or speculations were stated for the end of celeb marriage.

Below are few examples of celebrity marriages that didn’t go beyond a year.


Take the case of Mario Lopez and Ali Landry for example; the two got divorced because Ali found out his wife of 218 days (7months 8days) was cheating on him during the six years that they dated. I’m thinking how come He (Ali) didn’t find out during the six years that they dated? And why on earth did earth Mario cheat on her partner only to turn around and get married to him? If Ali wasn’t her kind of man, why date him for 6years and get married to him? This is weird; maybe you’ve got answers to situation.


Now to Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd, Cris was a back up dancer in J.Lo’s team. J.Lo started dating Cris after her relationship with hip-hop mogul Diddy ended after a highly published 1999 shooting at a New York City nightclub. She married Cris in September 2002 which ended in June 2003 just after 9 months. J.Lo filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.


Britney spears and Jason Alexander were childhood friends, they got married on the new year of 2004 and it ended in less than three days. Apparently the marriage ended because there was no pre-nup and Britney’s mother and manager wasn’t excited about it.


Kid rock and Pamela Anderson first got together in 2001, became engaged April 2002 and split in June 2003. They got together again; got married in 2006, five months later the marriage was over. They both filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.


Reality star Kim kardashian and New Jersey nets Kris Humphries started dating in the year 2010 after she broke off her romance with model Gabriel Audry. Six months later they were engaged and a wedding in august 2011. 72 days of marriage, Kim kardashian filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.


Actor Nicholas Cage and daughter of rock legend Elvis Presley: Liza Maria Presley got married in August 2002, later the marriage was over with Cage filing for divorce.

The marriage lasted for 107 days.


NBA player Dennis Rodman got married to actress Carmen Electra. Many people in Dennis publicist questioned the marriage but the couple believed they were in love. 9 days later the marriage was over with both filing for annulment.


Conrad Hilton, a businessman was the first of seven husbands that Elizabeth Taylor had. They met in 1949 and got engaged in February 1950. They got married on May 16, 1950. 205 days later, Elizabeth filed for divorce.


Producer terius Nash known in showbiz circles as the dream got married to actress and musician Christina Milian in September 2009 by less than one year the marriage was over. Some people blame the breakdown of the marriage on pictures in media of the dream and his assistant Melisa Santiago.


Just six weeks after their wedding Chad Johnson’s wife Evelyn reported

Him to the police for head butting her during an argument over receipts for

Condoms found in their car. He was arrested for assault, within the same week his ex-wife sought for divorce, he was dropped from his football team: Miami Dolphins and also lost his endorsement deal with Zico coconut water. Media reports has it that he could be going to prison for a year. The reality show of the couple was also cancelled. Looks like he is the biggest loser in this case.

Before I end this post, I want to ask; what do you think are the reasons for which celebrities get into these marriages only to divorce after a short period? Is it for fame or just for bragging rights as being the ex of a ‘big person” in Hollywood?




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